Whiterock Primary Schools Annual swimming gala

June 3, 2015

We have 6 of our club members swimming on wednesday at the Annual Whiterock Primary Schools Gala .
P5 Christopher Quinn, Cait Crosbie and Charlie O’Kane all racing against each other.

P6 Tiernan Crosbie.

P7 Cara O’Kane and Jessica Haughey swimming against each other.

Good luck to them all


Primary 5
1st Charlie O’Kane.
2nd Cait Crosby

1st Charlie O’Kane
2nd Cait Crosby
3rd Christopher Quinn
(Clean sweep for Clonard)

Charlie and Cait also got 1st in the 4 X 25 relay race frontcrawl
Christopher got sliver.

Primary 6
1st Tiernan Crosby

3rd Tiernan Crosby

Tiernan got Sliver in the 4 X 25 relay race.

Primary 7
3rd Cara O’Kane

2nd Jessica Haughey
3rd Cara O’Kane

Jessica got 1st in 4 X 25 relay race
Cara got Sliver.